What the power of magic can do…

As some of you know, I regularly perform magic in hospitals, its not for financial gains (I get expenses covered i.e. fuel, parking) but for the chance to put smiles on faces.

Its a very rewarding part of my job as you can see children that are down, tired, fed up etc and for those few minutes of magic be able to see them laughing, smiling and joining in. This is equally rewarding for the parents and staff to see.

So, that brings me to today… Rotherham general, 11.30am, I was introduced to a young girl (16 years old) who I was told before I went in, probably wouldn’t talk to me. It turns out she doesn’t really talk to anyone, not only that, the staff tell me she seems reasonably fit and healthy but she won’t tell anyone what the underlying problems are.

I decided to start with a bit of magic to test the water. She watched, smiled and even laughed a bit. I carried on, this time involving her by getting her to sign her name on a card. It was at this point she sat up, shuffled forward and ‘joined in’

For the next 10 mins, I showed her some of my favourite tricks, which she loved, joined in with the banter and came alive.

I was then pleasantly surprised as she asked if she could show me a trick (Eh??) I of course said yes! She then baffled both myself and the staff with a really cool version of finding a chosen card. Although I knew the method, I also knew how much skill was involved, and was highly impressed.

Apparently she will still be there next time I’m due to go in so I’ve promised to give her a mini magic lesson.

The reason I posted this status…….

Not everyone has a simple fix, sometimes it can be something as obscure as a magician ‘talking tricks’ with a patient that gets them to come out of their shell. Same goes for people in day to day life. Be a chameleon, listen to what people say, tone of voice etc, and act accordingly.

I understand from the staff, they are now making good progress with her